Medications for the treatment of prostatitis

In the initial stage of prostatitis, a man is accompanied by constant discomfort. When symptoms are detected, the doctor usually prescribes drugs to treat prostatitis, which aim to reduce the pain.

At the same time, many patients are interested in what are the most effective drugs for prostatitis at the moment.

doctor and medication for prostatitis

For each patient, a specialist usually selects an individual course of treatment.

drug groups

Complex therapy is the most rational and effective way to achieve complete elimination of inflammation in the prostate. This phenomenon causes many disturbances in a man's body, starting with problems with urination and ending with the weakening of erectile function.

When observing the symptoms of prostatitis, the specialist, first of all, is obliged to find out the causes of the disease. Based on the diagnosis, in the future, a choice will be made in favor of one or another drug for the treatment of prostatitis in men. Complex medical therapy includes several groups of drugs at the same time, each of which aims to solve specific problems:


Antibacterial drugs are indicated if pathogenic microflora has become the cause of the development of prostatitis. Depending on the type of pathogen, which can be determined by bacteriological culture, the urologist prescribes the most effective drugs for prostatitis. With severe pain, antibiotics can be used for intravenous administration. The duration of the course of taking antibacterial drugs is usually 4 to 6 weeks.


Often with prostatitis, a man is concerned with severe pain and cramping in the perineum as well as the lower abdomen. Analgesics for the treatment of prostatitis or, simply, analgesics can alleviate the patient's condition.

The dosage amount and rules of admission must be established by the attending physician.

alpha blockers

These medications are indicated for problems with urination – one of the most common symptoms of prostatitis. The drugs help relax the prostate and bladder muscles. The course of treatment of taking alpha-blockers is around 6 months.


Hormonal preparations are especially necessary for a man during the period of illness. They, first and foremost, suppress the production of the hormone testosterone, which causes rapid growth of prostate tissue. Regular intake of these drugs for the treatment of prostatitis normalizes a man's general hormonal background and reduces the symptoms of the disease.


Reception of a vitamin-mineral complex is simply mandatory for prostatitis. Vitamins boost immunity, which suffers not only with the progression of prostatitis, but also with the use of potent antibiotics.

best remedy for prostatitis

It is difficult to determine which of the modern drugs for prostatitis is most effective. Their choice largely depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as on the form of the course of the disease.